Renting a car in Belgium

Renting a car in Belgium

In Belgium, your next destination will always be a short drive away. So renting a car is a great way to explore our country and maybe our neighboring country’s as well.

Car rental companies in Belgium:

There are many car rental companies active in Belgium. Travel Supermarket helps you compare and find the best offer available.

Minimum age and requirements to rent a car in Belgium

The minimum driving age in Belgium is 18 years old, however all rental companies set a minimum age of 21 years old for renting a car. Drivers under 25 years might be charged a young driver surcharge.

Drivers licence:

In order to be able to rent a car, you’ll need to posses a valid European or International drivers licence. The issued date needs to be at least 12 months before renting the car. Some rental companies require you to have had your drivers licence for at least 2 years.


Basic insurance is included in the renting price. However additional insurance of breaking of glass, is always a good idea to minimize the risk.


Every rental company will ask you to pay a deposit, ranging from 300€ up to 800€, depending on the type of vehicle and length of the rental period. Deposits can generally be paid in cash or by credit card. When using debit card, it’s advised to inform on beforehand if your card will be accepted. After returning the car back in good condition, you will instantly get your deposit back.