Flanders Travel Guide

Flanders Travel Guide

The Flemish Region (in Dutch “Vlaams Gewest”) is one of the three official regions of the Kingdom of Belgium. Usually it is referred to as “Flanders” or “Vlaanderen” in Dutch. The official language is Dutch, sometimes colloquially referred to as Flemish. Flanders is divided up into 5 provinces: Antwerp, East-Flanders, West-Flanders, Flemish Brabant and Limburg


Citytrips in Flanders

Packed with culture, historical buildings, art and musea these cities are are perfect for your next citytrip in Flanders. Did I already mention the excellent food and rich variety of beers?

Bruges is an absolute must-see for everybody who visits Belgium. It’s a beautiful old city with idyllic canals and lots of historical building.

Ghent has a rich variety of beautiful canals, historic buildings, and museums to offer whilst being a modern lively and vibrant city.

Antwerp is home of the biggest port in Europe and the most dense populated city in Flanders. The city is a vibrant mix between art, culture and trendy places to go out eating, drinking or shopping.

Mechelen is smaller then the cities listed above, yet still rich in history and culture.

Leuven completes the list of Flanders top 5 art and culture cities.

Holidays in Flanders:

Thinking about spending your holiday in Flanders? Then have a look at the destinations below:

Walk and relax on the long sandy beaches of the Belgian coast and stay in one of the many holiday resorts, bungalows or apartments.

Get impressed by the remains of the first world war and the historic towns in Flanders Fields

Do you love cycling? Then you’ll love Limburg. Belgium greenest province has more then 2000 km’s of paved, car free cycling paths.

Accommodation in Flanders

Flanders has many excellent accommodations to offer. Hotels can be found in nearly every city. The big cities and typical tourist destinations also have cheaper hostels available. A popular alternative for romantic citytrips and getaways are smaller Bed and Breakfast’s. They can be found both in large cities as on the countryside. At the Belgian coast side you can also rent apartments and holiday houses.

Public Transport in Flanders:

Flanders has a dense public transport network, making it easy for you to travel around without a car. The best and easiest way to travel in between larger cities is by train. Train lines are operated by the national railway company: NMBS/SNCB. All local busses and tram lines in Flanders are operated by De Lijn.

For more information about trains, trams and busses in Flanders; check the Belgium Public Transport Guide https://belgiumtravel.info/en/belgium-public-transport-guide/#flanders

More Flanders travel destinations:

These cities and towns are smaller then the Big 5, but definitely worth a visit when traveling around in Flanders or Belgium.

Ostend (Oostende in Dutch) is Belgium’s largest coastal town.

Ypress is located in the Flanders Fields Area. During the first war the landscape of the area was in the centre of long and heavy battles between German and allied forces.

Hasselt is the capital of Limburg and well known for the traditional Jenever, a local specialty.