Citytrips in Belgium

Citytrips in Belgium

Do you love historical buildings and vibrant cities, packed with arts and culture? Or do you rather go shopping and get a taste of the typical Belgian food and countless beers? Then you should definitely plan a citytrip to Belgium. There are many international affordable flights and high speed trains connecting Belgium with the rest of Europe.

5 Cities you MUST visit in Belgium

Below is a list of Belgians 5 most popular travel destinations for a short citytrip. They can all be reached easily with public transport from Brussels International Airport within less then 2 hours. If you want to visit several cities in Belgium during your trip you can either hop from one to another by train, or choose one city as a base to plan different trips from. For example, Ghent is a perfect homebase if you want to visit Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels as well. Or you might want to stay in smaller cities such as Mechelen or Leuven to find more affordable accommodation.

Brussels, Capital of Belgium and European Metropolis.

Bruges is an absolute must-see for everybody who visits Belgium. It’s a beautiful old city with idyllic canals and lots of historical building.

Ghent has a rich variety of beautiful canals, historic buildings, and museums to offer whilst being a modern lively and vibrant city.

Antwerp is home of the biggest port in Europe and the most dense populated city in Flanders. The city is a vibrant mix between art, culture and trendy places to go out eating, drinking or shopping.

Liège is located in the east of wallonia. A large former industrial city, with a rich history and unique local culture and folklore.

Other cities well worth visiting:

Whilst you’re traveling in Belgium, you might as well want to include one of these cities to your trip.

Mechelen is an old medieval city, rich in history, culture and architecture. .

Leuven completes the list of Flanders top 5 art and culture cities.

Namur is the capital of the province with the same name. The city is located on the riverbanks of the rivers Sambre and Meuse.

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