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High Fens

The High Fens (Hautes Fagnes in French), located in the eastern parts of Belgium, are Belgium’s largest nature reserve. The park stretches between the cities of Eupen in the north, Monschau in the east, Spa in the west and Malmedy in the south. The High Fens consist mainly of raised bogs, and low, grass- or wood-covered hills, moorland and forest. The highest point in Belgium is located in the High Fens at Signal de Botrange with 694 meters above sea level.

Hiking in the High Fens:

No matter what time of the year, the High Fens are a perfect destination for short walks or long hikes through a diverse landscape. The unique landscape changes with the seasons. Long winter walks are just as pleasurable as short summer hikes.

Here are a few idea’s for your hiking destinations in the High Fens:

Signal de Botrange is Belgium’s highest point, located in the centre of the high fens. It’s the perfect starting location for your hikes.

Located in Robertville, the castle of Reinhardstein is one of the must see’s historic sites of the High Fens. Hike around the caste in the beautiful scenery and search Belgiums highest and most hidden waterfall.

The valley of the Hoëgne between Solwaster and Hockai is the scenery of one of the most beautiful hikes in Belgium.

This 8m high waterfall in Longfaye is well worth the hike.

Lakes and dams

The Gillape lake and dam

Eupen lake and Dam of the river Vesdre.