Bruges Travel Guide

Bruges (Brugge in Dutch) is by far the most popular travel destination in Belgium. Due to it’s picturesque canals it’s also know as the “Venice of the North”. The historic city center of Bruges is a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s closed for cars, making it very easy and convenient to explore on foot. The small yet vibrant city is filled with architectural and artistic treasures, folklore, boutiques, fine restaurants and of course many chocolate shops where you can taste Belgians finest chocolates.


Travel to Bruges

Trains to Bruges

Bruges can easily be reached by train from all Belgian major cities and therefore it’s the best and easiest way to travel to Bruges. A train ride from Brussels Zaventem Airport takes about 1h30 and a standard single ticket for adults costs 21€. If you’re under 26, you can buy a Go Pass 1 for 6€ .

Cheap Train Tickets to Bruges:

Are you traveling during the weekend? Then you can get 50% off by buying a weekend ticket. Weekend-tickets are available between friday 19h00 untill Sunday night.

Are you traveling with 2 or more adults? Or are you planning to visit other Belgian cities as well by train? Then you should buy a Belgian rail pass for 10 trips which costs 76€ or 7€60 per trip. The great thing about this is that you can share the same pass with your family and friends.

For more information about the trains in Belgium, check my Belgium Public Transport Guide

Day trips to Bruges

Whilst staying in other cities such as Brussels, Antwerp or Ghent, it’s fairly easy to plan a day trip to Bruges by train. Ghent to Bruges is only 30mins, Brussels to Bruges takes about an hour and Antwerpen Bruges takes about 1h30.

Travel to Bruges by Car

If you plan to visit Bruges by car, please keep in mind that cars aren’t allowed in the city centre. Parking your car outside the city centre can be quite expensive, so keep that in mind whilst booking your accommodation.

Discover Bruges

The historic city centre is mostly car-free and due it’s sheer size it can be easily explored on foot. Most main attractions are located within a 15 mins walking distance from each-other. You can wander trough the streets on your own, using the Bruges Tourist Map above as a guidance, or you can take one of the many guided tours around the city.

Bruges Tourist Map

The map below shows most of the main attractions in Bruges. You can save the map and then open it in Google Maps on your smartphone.

Getting around in Bruges:

Busses are operated by “De Lijn” and will take you anywhere you want in and outside the city. Another great way to get around in Bruges is on bicycle. They are easy to rent and allow you to get around the city quick and easy.

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