Region: Flanders
Capital: Hasselt
Language: Dutch

The province of Limburg is located in the east of Flanders and it’s also the greenest flemish province. This makes Limburg a perfect destination for walking and cycling holidays. There are countless walking routes and a large and excellent biking route network .

Cities and towns to visit in Limburg

Hasselt is the capital of Limburg. Famous for it’s Jenever and an excellent place to go shopping.

Genk is a former coal mining town witch a rich mix of culture and nationalities. It’s also one of the gateways to National Park Hoge Kempen.

Sint-Truiden is a lovely old city

Maasmechelen is one of the gates to National Park Hoge Kempen and also has a shopping outlet center

Beringen has a large coal mining history. Visit the former mine site, or go walking in the surrounding nature.

Riemst is located on the dutch border and well known for it’s underground limestone quarries

Nature in Limburg

The Hoge Kempen national park is located east of Limburg and is the perfect location for long walks and bicycle tours