Antwerp city Travel Guide

Antwerp city, capital of The Province of Antwerp, is Belgium most populous and second largest city. The metropolitan city is located near the river Schelde, which connects to the north-sea. The port of Antwerp is the second largest in Europe and among the top 20 of the world. For centuries Antwerp has been an economically and culturally important city. Today there live about 170 nationalities in Antwerp, making it world’s second most multi-cultural city. The city is also know as “The Diamond capital of the World” due to it’s large diamond district.


Travel to Antwerp City

Flights to Antwerp Airport:

Antwerp International Airport serves direct international flight from and to London City airport, Liverpool and Manchester city. But in most cases it’s cheaper to book a flight to Brussels Zaventem or Brussels Charleroi Airport and take a train from there.

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International trains to Antwerp

Antwerp Central Railway Stations serves as an international gateway for high speed trains, operated by Thalys , connecting with Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, and Lille.

National Trains to Antwerp

Antwerp has 3 railway stations and has excellent connection with other towns in Belgium. The main train station servers various international (high speed) train lines.

  • Antwerpen-Centraal Railway Station:The railway station serves national and international trains. The trainstation is located next to the Zoo. Check for combi-tickets to get a discount.
  • Antwerpen Zuid (South) Railway Station: Serves local trains
  • Antwerpen-Berchem Railway Station: Serves local trains

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Discover Antwerp

Antwerp Tourist Map

Getting around in Antwerp

Most attractions are within walking or biking distance from each other. Busses and Trams in Antwerp are operated by “De Lijn”.  Tickets cost 3€ and are valid for 60 minutes. Within this period you can change lines as much as you want. After the 60 minutes you can continue your ride to your destination, but you can’t change lines anymore unless you purchase a new ticket. Day passes cost 5€ on pre-sale or 7€ on board. 3 day passes cost 10€ on pre-sale and 12€ on board

Top 20 Antwerp Tours & Excursions:

Local Specialties

Instead of ordering a regular beer in a bar, ask for ” a bolleke”.  It’s a locally brewed amber ale beer named “De Koninck” beer. Other typical local specialties of Antwerp are:

  • Elixer D’anvers
  • De Koninck Beer
  • Chocolates
  • And of course Belgian Fries